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An Open Letter to Derrick Rose

April 9, 2013

Dear Derrick, 

Hope this letter finds you well. How's the left leg treating you?

For me, this season's been pretty stressful.

It's like someone built a roller coaster, let us Bulls fans on, and forgot to tell anyone it's going to last for oh, 82 games or so. 

We've cheered as Joakim Noah made his first All-Star team, and stared blankly after losses at the UC to NBA doormats like NO, CHA, and CLE.

Beamed with pride as the team fought through adversity to pull out some incredible wins (MIA twice + BOS, BRK on the road), and covered our eyes as Bull after grimacing Bull headed to the sideline with various injuries.

Just so you know, the Bulls 10 rotation players (including you) have missed a league high 172 games combined.

That's over two season's worth.

It's been up and down, drop and ascend all season.

Those of us prone to motion sickness lost our lunch weeks ago riding this thing out.

With the playoffs approaching and so much still unresolved, there's no sign of it slowing down. 

All that considered, nothing's been more difficult to stomach than following your recovery day-to-day.

Hard to fathom even Paul Revere being this vigilant. 

"The return" has become "the wait" has become "the headache." 

Between Advil tablets and twitter updates, we've heard every opinion from every source on the planet it seems. You will, you won't. You should, you shon't (sp?).

A few pregame clips have us thinking you're ready to dice folks like the good days: (video 1video 2)

Like the dork whose seat was just assigned next to the cutest girl in math class, we're dreaming of the possibilities

An improbable Finals run, maybe? 

Don't do us like she did, having us do your homewor- er, just come back as soon as you can, okay?

With you back, optimism won't be in short supply.

You've told us only God knows when you'll be back. 

Hope the big guy's lines are prepared for some extra traffic.

Yours truly,

A Bulls fan

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