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Derrick Rose's Return Appearing Imminent

March 15, 2013

Makes sense that a Chicago Bulls color guy is providing what sounds like some of the most important insight on Derrick Rose's obsessively followed return to date. 

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"He's coming back. I don't know when. He's coming back," King said on "The Carmen & Jurko Show" on ESPN 1000 Thursday. "He's coming back for this season. 

"I wouldn't be surprised, me personally, this is just my hunch -- I'm not a doctor and I didn't sleep at Holiday Inn either -- but I think it's going to be very quickly. I think it's going to be in the next week to 10 days." 

As's Melissa Isaacson reported last week, Rose  has been cleared by doctors to play, but Rose told the media he will be "Coming back when I feel normal." Though Rose is unsure when he'll return from his return surgically repaired knee, King believes based on what he's seen that Rose is gaining the confidence will be back on the hardwood soon.  

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"I saw him work out (Wednesday) in Sacramento," King said. "It was probably the most explosive I've seen him since he's been back. He looked really, really good. He was jumping off the (left) leg. He was working with coach Ron Adams. And he looked very, very explosive." 

Coach Tom Thibodeau said Thursday that it was "unlikely" that Rose will play Friday in the Bulls third game of their California dreaming road trip against the Golden State Warriors. Despite what Bulls fans know about Thibs and his vague injury debriefings,  the word "unlikely" implies there is a chance we could see Rose tonight. Unlikely indeed, but possible. 

Now, Stacey King is an excitable guy. Listen to one of his broadcasts on WGN or CSN Chicago and that fact isn't lost on you.

Doesn't take away from his ability to observe his surrounding and come to a logical assessment. 

The 18th of March, when the Denver Nuggets come to the United Center still looks like a good slot to have in the company pool. Would personally be shocked if Rose isn't back by at least late-March.

Having said all that, this situation remains fluid. Every last person who Chicagoan's have heard from; Jerry Reinsdorf to John Paxson, K.C Johnson to your group of college buddies, and now Stacey King, is just taking their best guess. 

That's it. A guess based made presumably on the information we've all come to understand, and nothing more.

Bulls fans have been given every reason to beileve Rose when he says that even he isn't sure when/if he'll be back this season. 

Based on the past few weeks and Rose's on court progress though, there's more reason to believe that it's when.

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