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Chicago's Eyes Shift Back to Derrick Rose - No Bulls Traded

February 21, 2013

"If it ain't broke don't break it."

Leave it to an infamous quote from Charles Oakley, the gruff, old-fashioned former NBA bruiser, to neatly sum up this year's NBA trade deadline for the Bulls.

Coach Tom Thibodeau's automated-like response, "We have more than enough to win here," also comes to mind.

Now the eyes of Chicago will shift right back onto it's recovering superstar, if they ever were diverted in the first place.

[The hole in your heart where DRose should be. Read here.]

File:Derrick Rose Dec 2011.jpg

Rose reportedly scrimmaged 5-on-5 without issue for the second time in two days Wednesday. Word has also surfaced that he's been the best player on the floor.

Thibs told the media afterwards, "[Rose has] made the next step. He has to do this for a while."

Backup center Nazr Mohammed weighed in on Rose's much deliberated ability to dunk, offering, "I mean yeah he's dunked but he hasn't dunked like he wants to dunk."

Gut feeling is Rose returns this season, but not if it's after mid-March. The Bulls play their final regular season game on April 17th, and the organization will likely want to give it's franchise player at least a month to adjust before subjecting him to the intensity of the NBA playoffs. Especially the way he plays.

 Despite Gar/Pax reportedly testing the waters assertively, the seemingly immovable three years left on Carlos Boozer's contract proved to be... immovable.

Rip Hamilton was also readily available and reportedly had plenty of suitors, including the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, but in the end, according to Y! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, the Bulls weren't inclined to include a draft choice to sweeten a deal that would have ultimately been a salary dump to avoid the salary tax. 

The 3 p.m ET deadline came and went with nary a puddle splash out of Chicago, and so it goes, Coach Thibodeau will captain the same crew he's set sail with all season. 

With one addition hopefully coming via life boat. 

NBA trade deadline summary: OKC traded PG Eric Maynor to POR. WAS traded SG Jordan Crawford to BOS for PG Leandro BarbosaPHX traded PG Sebastian Telfair to TOR. MIA traded C Dexter Pittman to MEMORL traded JJ Redick to MIL. HOU traded F Marcus Morris to PHX. SAC traded PF Thomas Robinson to HOUCHA traded F Hakim Warrick to ORL for PF/C Josh McRobertsATL traded G/F Anthony Morrow to DAL for G/F Dahntay Jones. NYK trade SG Ronnie Brewer to OKC

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