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Top 5 Most Overrated Franchises

January 7, 2013

Let's be honest there are some sports franchises that are largely overrated.  Some will strongly agree with me or detest that I put some of these teams on the list.  Either way there is no denying that they at least deserve to be in the conversation for most overrated, even if they don't crack your top 5.  There are some franchises that I think are overrated, but don't deserve a top 5 consideration.  Many people think teams like the Cowboys and Yankees are overrated because their expectation is to win a championship every year and they fail to do so.  Truth is the Yankees have the most championships of any sports franchise and the Cowboys are one of the most highly decorated NFL teams to play the game.  I hate both of those franchises, but I am not a hater, merely a realist with an opinion.  If your franchise has won several titles recently then they are probably safe from being tagged overrated since we all know how hard it is to win a championship.  If your team is a perennial favorite to win or expected to compete and they don't, then you'll likely find your team on this list. The Buffalo Bills came to mind with their trip to the Super Bowl 4 years in a row coming up short, but they haven't been said contenders since or before than.  I may have passed over certain franchises, but it was because I had good reason. One of my favorite teams happens to crack this list, so I'm not being biased, I just call em' like I see em'.  Feel free to comment and tell me who you believe should be on this list.  So here goes the highly debatable top 5 most overrated franchises.  

5. Chicago Cubs- The Chicago Cubs crack the top 5 because although they may not be viewed as contenders right now they have been several times in the last 20 years or so and probably many more times before than.  They are the owners or 2 World Series titles, but you would have to go back to when Theodore Roosevelt was President to see the last time they won it.  They have been in existence since 1876 and haven't won a title since 1908.  They haven't won in 105 years!!!  It's not like they have been a lowly team for 100 years.  They have had success mixed with a lot of bad luck.  Just ask Steve Bartman and he'll tell you all about it.  They currently hold the record for franchise with the longest championship drought which is good enough for me to ring them in at number 5.

4. New York Knicks- Yes, my beloved New York Knicks are one of the most overrated franchises.  How could I? Well like I said before I just call em' like I see em'.  The Knicks haven't won a championship since 1973 when they took home their second NBA title.  New York is the Mecca of basketball, but we haven't played like it.  In the 90's we had our chance when Jordan retired for 2 years, but we fell short to Olajuwon and the Rockets.  Then in 99' we couldn't handle a young Tim Duncan who would we all know now to be one of, if not, the best power forward to ever play the game.  There has always been some transcendental player who got in our way in the past 20 years or so; Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Tim Duncan.  After Ewing left, the Knicks went on a downward spiral until they signed A'mare Stoudemire and traded for star forward Carmelo Anthony.  The dup has produced 2 post season berths, but those have only amassed winning 1 game.  This season the Knicks look like legitimate contenders, but I won't believe it til I see it.  Those are words any fan of orange and blue know too well.  

3. San Diego Chargers- The Sand Diego Chargers for the past 5 years have been preseason favorites to make a run at the Super Bowl.  Too bad they have not had much success in the postseason.  Even after putting up great winning seasons from 2004-2009 the Chargers always seemed to play poorly come January.  It seems they always lose to a AFC East team in the playoffs losing to the Jets and Patriots on several occassions.  The biggest reason they are one of the most overrated franchises is because they seem to be one of the favorites to come out of the AFC year after year and they never even make it to the Super Bowl.  They also have made some very questionable calls when it comes to quarterbacks.  The Chargers drafted Eli Manning before flipping him over for Philip Rivers.  Eli Manning won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants.  The Chargers let Drew Brees go also in favor of Philip Rivers.  Brees later went on to win a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints and is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.  Philip Rivers doesn't have what it takes to win in the postseason and the Chargers could have stopped in two different times.  Now they are a team that can't even get it together to make the playoffs.

2. New York Jets- Where do you even start with the New York Jets?  Let's see.  Every Jets fan is stuck on the wagon of "back-to-back AFC Championship games".  Listen, appearing in Championship games is great if you win them, but walking away with your head down isn't the same as hoisting a Lombardi Trophy.  The New York Jets might be one of the most overhyped team of the past 5 years.  This is a team that acts like they are the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and San Francisco 49ers....combined.  The last time the Jets won you would have to go back to January 12, 1969.  The Jets haven't won since Woodstock!  So why is it that this franchise has the bravado of teams with multiple championships won more recently?  I'm a Mets fan and I don't hang my hat on 2006.  I don't boast of the 2000 season.  You have to win to brag, not almost win.  Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, and Woody Johnson have truly turned the New York Jets into one of the most criticized, publicized, overrated franchises in all of sports.  Many people who cover sports would call this team a circus act.  They are more worried about the backpages of New York newspapers than topping other NFL teams as it seems.  They have been plagued with quarterback controversy for several seasons now, with Brett Favre and Tim Tebow.  After boasting some of the top defenses in the league the past few seasons, they should have been able to make a deeper run had they coached and developed their quarterback better.  The New York Jets can be happy with going to back-to-back AFC Championship games.  If that's the case than the next team on this list puts the Jets to shame.

1. Philadelphia Eagles-  The Philadelphia Eagles played in 4 consecutive NFC Championships games from 2001-2004. They made 5 NFC Championship games in 8 years. They only made the Super Bowl once in 2004 and fell short to the dynasty of the New England Patriots.  That was a game they could have won had Andy Reid and the coaching staff used better clock management and more urgency.  The Eagles see the Jets back-to-back Championship games and raise them 4 in a row.  The Eagles who have never won a Super Bowl didn't stop there.  Michael Vick came on the scene pushing an old Donovan Mcnabb out of the picture and had success in his first year back after his dog fighting conviction.  In 2011, the Eagles dubbed themselves the "Dream Team" and then found themselves sleep-walking through the season to finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs.  At the start of this past season Vick said that this team had a chance to be a "Dynasty".  The Eagles finished this year 4-12 and fired prolific head coach Andy Reid.  Some "Dream Team" and "Dynasty" this franchise seems to be.  A team as good as they were at the beginning of 2000 to about 2008 they have never materialized into a Champion.  A team good enough to make 5 Championship games, make only 1 Super Bowl, and never win it seems to make them the most overrated franchise in sports.

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